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Oahu helicopter tours, a great way to see Hawaii from above. 

Oahu helicopter tours will be one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have. They are the perfect way to see the beautiful island of Oahu from above. Our Oahu Helicopter Tours provide unique views not only of scenic Waikiki Beach and Kapiolani Park, but also of Diamond Head Crater and Hanauma Bay.

Doors- off R44 helicopter at Rainbow’s spectacular Oahu landing site. © Rainbow Helicopters


Some of us travel in a big way, and Oahu, the most populous island in Hawai’i has so much to take in that it takes more than a day to do it all. A fast paced vacation here takes planning and you can spend days doing nothing but touring Oahu so you want to see all of the islands best without sacrificing your comfort. Here are some tips for your next Oahu helicopter tour that will help make your  helicopter sightseeing flight an adventure you will never forget!


How can you tell that you are choosing a safe helicopter tour operator to fly with? Look for a licensed and insured operator, preferably overseen by the state’s Department of Transportation.  Many operators state that seating is assigned by weight and size, but Rainbow Helicopters  knows how uncomfortable this can be for some passengers. That’s why they allow you to choose your own seat and mostly even the weight variables out amongst guests to ensure comfort for everyone.

Choosing the right helicopter tour

Rainbow Helicopters can assist you in choosing the right tour for your needs and schedule. Their staff will do their best to help you avoid times of excessive wind and provide other important details that our visitors should know, such as what a safe piloting radius is. Rainbow will help make your tour to go smoothly, and it’s important  to select a helicopter tour company that allows for upgrades depending on conditions. If a particular helicopter  tour does not work out as planned usually all you have to do is  let the booking agent know within 24 hours. Getting the most out of your helicopter tour is easy when you know a few simple tips to help determine if the tour operator you choose is the right one. There are some things to consider when visiting Oahu, Hawaii.

With all of the choices available to you regarding Oahu helicopter tours, how do you choose the right tour? It helps to know some things in advance. Knowing what you want your experience to be will help you find the right tour.

Choosing the right helicopter type

The best Oahu helicopter tours really do come in all shapes and sizes. Before you choose your Oahu helicopter tour, keep these things in mind, so that you can have the safest, most enjoyable experience possible. Two of the best options for a helicopter tour ar the Airbus A-star and Robinson A-44, which are both offered on the website.

Doors off helicopter tours

A doors-off helicopter tour allows you to experience the breathtaking views of the island of Oahu by air. You see the island and its breathtaking scenery from totally new angles — angles that are typically not on most Oahu tours. The doors on your helicopter will be removed during flight so you can enjoy every view. Let your hair down and feel the wind in your hair as you view the very best Hawaii has to offer from up above. Rainbow Helicopters has over 10 years of experience flying these doors-off helicopter tours and are very good at ensuring that guests get the best possible experience.

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